Hello to all of the people checking out Mastodon! My first recommendation would be to pick a home server that _isn’t_ the main mastodon-dot-social one.

Figure out who runs different servers, what their model is to be sustainable across moderation & hosting, and what kind of people hang out there.

And yes, you should consider if #socialcoop is right for you β€” I pay to be a co-op member here wiki.social.coop/home.html

Yesterday marked 30 years at Microsoft for me. We had cake and shared some fun stories. Many of the stories were covered in xbox.com/en-US/power-on

has significant usability issues (mostly web) to overcome before it'll be interesting to the mainstream. "Enter your username@domain you want to act from" is confusing to normal people. They already logged in; the system should know that. "Older posts from other servers are not displayed." Why not? Federated instances add inherent complexity. For geeks, its worth that complexity. For the masses, it's not. I appreciate the technical reasons; they don't matter to most people.


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