In case it wasn't clear:

I am anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, and believe black lives matter. If you have a problem with that, smash that unfollow button.

It says a lot that appeared on Jan 20th 2009 and ran through Jan 20th 2017 and then was a 404 for the next four years. It reappeared this morning.*/https://

Well @bmann - I think this time, Mastodon may stick. My annual holiday test-drive has endured weeks, I've met new folks, and learned things via Mastodon. Exactly what I want from my social interactions. Still no sold on though. ;-)

Curious to learn how @pixelfed will handle notifications of @-references, DMs, etc. If your Pixelfed account is your only ActivityPub identity, can you survive or do you *need* Mastodon or ...? Is that even a goal?

@dansup, any thoughts? Love the project!

Fun read about what Parler getting kicked off of AWS really means. There is a chance that they wind up on a instance, which would be an opportunity for me to test out blocking other instances!

@jeff wow, that's nice to say, Jeff, but here I am, so the glowing words may fade.....

It is always most rewarding to see good long-term friends in genuinely new places to explore and create together!

A big welcome to Jim McCarthy, legendary software engineering leader and technology culture visionary. He's at @jmm

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When I got home yesterday my daughter was in rage tears over her AP US History teacher's talking down and over the girls in the class about the validity of the "pink tax" and the gender pay gap (both of which he disputes). Today I joined the class. 1/

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To anyone complaining about a private media company kicking Trump off their platform:

Think of Twitter as a Christian bakery and Trump as a gay wedding cake.

Twice a year, I check out Mastodon, a federated social network platform. It's easier to install now, but still horribly clunky to use. Continuing to explore... is a social networking server for the Henshaw family. It connects to millions of people globally in other communities.

You can choose a public community to join or host your own community for your family, club, team, or other group and connect with us. Add us by and we'll see you online!