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What is this?

Henshaw.org is a place where members of our family can socially network. It's a lot like Twitter, except we host it ourselves. It runs a piece of software called Mastodon that lets us share status, photos, and feedback with a global community. Not just Twitter, but any other community or family's site.

How do we connect with you here?

For most people, getting an account on a public, free server is your best bet. You follow us with @firstname@henshaw.org. If you're technical and ambitious, you can host your own community for your family, club, team, etc.

Why not just use Facebook or Twitter?

We do! But if any one of those changes their usage policy, doesn't like what we have to say, disappears, it's nice to have all of our content here, always available to us. We also don't sell our personal information to advertisers and other companies, like the big social networks do. This site cross-posts to Facebook and Twitter, and we often read replies there.